Nutmeg Menu Planner for 'Looked After' Children in the care of Social Services or Foster Carers

In recognition of the many settings in which meals may be provided to children, Nutmeg provides a program for Looked After Children in the care of social services or foster carers.
Suitable for children aged 5 to 18, NMP for Looked After Children enables carers to ensure, quickly and easily, that all the required nutritional guidelines, as determined by the Caroline Walker Trust, are being met for these age groups.
At the same time the program is flexible enough to allow for 'platter combinations' such as sandwiches, filled jacket potatoes and salads to reflect the preferences of these age groups. It also allows for the nutrient values of a standard school lunch to be entered in the menu when children are having lunch at school.
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To find out more about the nutritional requirements of this group, please go to the Caroline Walker WebsiteThis report sets out practical and nutritional guidelines to help all those who care for children in residential homes and foster care understand more about eating well for this group.

Note: all the programs have the recipe analysis built within the program as standard