NMP School Meals

Nutmeg's school meals program is used by local authorities, catering companies and independent schools to plan menus for thousands of children throughout the UK.

Our school meals programs are available for primary, secondary and boarding schools. It is...
  • Quick, simple and easy to use

  • Includes a comprehensive database of over 1,9000 dishes

  • Build a menu of your favourite dishes

  • Analyse weekly menus and cycles in comparison to recommended nutritional guidelines for children

  • Built in recipe analysis module

  • Allows you to select number of meal occasions

  • Available in a seven-day cycle for boarding schools.

 After reviewing the program, the Children's Food Trust positively commented that:

  • Nutmeg was, "easiest to install and use"
  • Balancing the menus was "straightforward as a result of the UNIQUE dish replacement function"
  • "Virtually no nutritional knowledge is required to balance menus swiftly"
  • "The Nutmeg Menu Planner has evolved into a tool that is as effective as possible in this arena".

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