“We have been using the Nutmeg Web program for five years to ensure that the children of Sefton get nutritionally balanced lunches. The program also helps us to control our costs by providing instant costings for recipes and menus. The initial database of 1900 recipes has been invaluable and the Recipe analysis program allows us to add our own recipes. Nutmeg staff are always on hand to give help and advice.”

Colin Upton

School Meals and Catering Services Manager

Sefton Borough Council

“The Nutmeg Gold program has been invaluable in compiling interesting and nutritious menus in our Care Homes where meals are the highlight of the day. The database of soft food dishes is particularly helpful for people with swallowing difficulties which are unfortunately becoming more common. The Community Meals program helps us to devise menus for Lunch Clubs and Meals on Wheels. Both programs cost each recipe and menu as you compile it which helps us to control our budget. The substitution feature which helps you balance a menu is brilliant and very easy to use.”

Helen Bailey

UwchRheolwr Arlwyo Rhanbarthol/Senior Catering Manager Gwasanaeth Arlwyo/ Catering Service Cyngor Sir Gâr/Carmarthenshire County Council

“I have been using Nutmeg’s Recipe Analysis program for six years and the Menu Planner for longer. I find the program very reliable and Nutmeg have always reacted to suggestions for improvement which they constantly strive for. They are extremely friendly and helpful and their programs are very rigorous in nutritional terms and engender confidence when I am advising my clients on healthy menus and nutrition.”

Gina Gorvett

Registered Nutritionist