The Nutmeg Recipe Analysis Program

This program can be used as a stand alone analysis tool or built in to our web-based program applications giving our users full control over their menu planning.
Why is our system different?

Whilst developing the Nutmeg Recipe Analysis program, we researched extensively the needs of nutritionists and dietitians working with recipe analysis. This research and consultation has helped us to develop a highly intuitive and easy to use program which eliminates as much human error from the recipe analysis process as is possible and introduces a standard method of analysing recipes.
Ingredient Database

The Nutmeg Recipe Analysis program contains an ingredient database which consists of over 3,000 foods taken from the 7th summary edition of the McCance and Widdowson food composition data, as well as data from previous editions and supplements. The United States Department of Agriculture food tables (USDA) are also accessible from the program as are the Australia and New Zealand tables (NUTTAB) which give users access to a further 6,000 foodstuffs.
Key features
  • Calculates weight and vitamin losses on cooking
  • Estimates cooked weights of dry goods, e.g. pasta, rice, lentils
  • AOAC to NSP fibre converter
  • Ability to analyse recipes with multiple weight changes
  • NME sugar data
  • Export straight to all of the NMP menu planning programs
  • Ability to flag your ingredients with allergen information
  • Ability to flag your recipes for multiple dietary specifications
  • Personal database to build up your own catalogue of manufactured products or favourites
  • Ingredient database displayed by index or food group
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