A key part of the success of our programs is the training we provide. Users can work with confidence, quickly maximising our programs' functionality to plan varied and nutritionally balanced meals.

Each of Nutmeg's programs comes with a comprehensive training manual/tutorial which is fully illustrated and easy to follow. Our tutorials cover each of the functions in our programs
In addition to the training manuals, Nutmeg provides two training packages to suit your needs. These include:
  • On-site training: One or more of our highly experienced team will come to you and train your staff on-site.
  • Web-based training: Using a remote access tool, we can provide you with one-to-one training over the internet. We support both WebEx and Team Viewer for our web-based training.


Whether your business needs limited or comprehensive technical support, Nutmeg has a range of solutions to suit your requirements. We can provide basic e-mail support or online remote assistance through the web.

Please contact us at with any technical queries.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for a free bespoke quotation.