Powered by NMP

All our programs are powered by the unique NMP menu planning system. Working with dietitians and caterers, we have developed this system to make your menu planning as simple and quick as possible.

  • An extensive database of up to 1900 recipes designed for your population group; analysed by experienced dietitians
  • Instant nutritional analysis of menus, comparing the levels of up to 14 nutrients according to the standards for different population groups
  • Nutmeg's exclusive search and replace function which helps to correct nutritional imbalances in the menu by suggesting replacement dishes from the same food category
  • Highlights the causes of any nutritional imbalances on the menu
  • Cost and nutritional implications of dish changes can be seen before replacing
  • The ability to create combination dishes such as jacket potatoes, salads, sandwiches and pizzas
  • The ability to create menu cycles of up to eight weeks and cost and analyse whole cycles
  • Recipes for a menu or a cycle of menus can be exported to Word and forms a recipe book for kitchens

  • Compatible with catering procurement and school cashless systems
Costing Functions
  • Automatic shopping list showing quantity and cost of ingredients needed for a menu
  • Full cost analysis showing cost per meal, per day, per week or per cycle
  • Data on prices of ingredients can be imported automatically from third party procurement systems
  • Costs and nutrition data can be exported to Excel. Users can generate reports showing detailed analysis of the cost and nutritional breakdown of each item in the menu
  • The cost of a basket of ingredients can be recorded, allowing users to demonstrate trends in the ingredient cost base of their menus over time
Further Benefits
  • Excellent help files with background information about nutrition for the appropriate population group
  • Clear, concise and tested tutorials featuring coloured screen shots illustrating the step by step approach to using your NMP program of choice
  • Use as an educational tool to teach people about food and nutrition
  • The easiest to use menu planning programs on the market