NMP Programs

Until recently, nutritional analysis of menus has been a daunting task, requiring the skills of a qualified dietitian. Planning and then adjusting menus that are, for example, too high in saturated fat or salt, or too low in iron or folate, can be both difficult and time-consuming.

When you have completed your menu, shown below:

NMP produces a "cooked weight" nutritional analysis of your menu as a bar chart, shown below:

The program will then identify the main causes of any excess or deficit in nutrients and suggest alternative but similar foods to replace them, showing you the cost implications for your menu at the same time.

The Nutmeg Menu Planner ensures that this complex nutritional analysis together with detailed cost analysis is immediately available. This leaves you more time to work with catering staff and clients to develop new recipes and establish and encourage healthier diets and lifestyles.

NMP helps you demonstrate compliance with nutritional standards to inspecting bodies and other stakeholders.

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