Welcome To Nutmeg

A leading provider of nutrition analysis software in the UK - designed to support the promotion and delivery of healthy eating.

Planning menus to provide a healthy balance of nutrients can be both difficult and time-consuming. Nutmeg's programs offer a simple solution to this often daunting task by providing users with the tools to plan nutritionally balanced menus quickly and easily for a variety of different groups.

The Nutmeg Menu Planner (NMP) makes the complex process of nutrient analysis, allergen labelling, costing and food ordering simple and immediately available at the click of a mouse.

Nutmeg Programs

Nutmeg provides programs to help dietitians, nutritionists, caterers and other food and health professionals to meet the nutritional needs of:

  • Children and young adults eating meals at school, college and University
  • Children and young people at boarding school
  • Looked after children in care or with foster carers
  • Under fives in nursery or in the care of child minders
  • Adults in residential situations
  • Older people including those with dementia in care homes
  • Lunch clubs and community meals (meals on wheels)
  • Patients in hospitals

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