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Nutmeg Uk Ltd has merged our technological know-how with CRB Cunninghams to create nutmeg@CRBCunninghams. It’s a very exciting moment for us as a company and for our program users.  Nutmeg Uk Ltd will continue, one of our main roles being involved in guiding this new venture.   


As the importance of good nutrition is moving higher up the public, political and organisational agenda, we realise that the opportunities to expand what the Nutmeg programs can offer are immense. The decision to merge our technological assets with CRBCunninghams, whose access to an extensive bank of resources and technological knowledge along with an international platform, will mean the possibilities for Nutmeg will be extensive. 

Nutmeg UK Ltd (Nutritional Menus for Groups) was formed 20 years ago by a multidisciplinary team of public health, nutrition, healthcare, and IT professionals.  We had a simple bold aim; pioneering the use of technology to improve public health through good nutrition, especially for vulnerable groups. 


Our focus was on creating user-friendly IT programs, Nutmeg Menu Planners (NMP) to help caterers deliver nutritionally balanced meals that met the agreed nutrient standards for their population groups. These included older people and people with dementia living in care homes, school aged children, children under 5 being cared for in nurseries or by child minders, people in hospital and those receiving community meals. The building blocks of the first programs took two years of research and testing to develop. 


Since launching our first programs, additional recipe analysis and allergen information modules have been added and the programs are constantly refined and updated. In particular we have focused on filtering menus to cater to small groups with specific needs. We have designed bespoke programs for hundreds of public and private sector clients, including the Scottish Health Service, NHS Mental Health Foundations, Care Home Groups and individual care homes, Local Authority school meals, boarding schools and public and private nurseries. 

The merger of our technological assets with CRBCunninghams will create great new opportunities, but the things our customers knew and relied on in their relationship with Nutmeg Uk Ltd will stand.  Nutmeg@CRBCunninghams are committed to the integrity of the programs and customer relations. The high standards set by Nutmeg UK Ltd will continue in nutmeg@CRBCunninghams and the bar for nutritional analysis will continue to be set high.  The trust of users will, as always, be paramount and programs will continue to respond to and anticipate the needs of each of our customers. 


Contact Us 


For any further information about Nutmeg UK Ltd contact Peter Roberts: Co-Founder and CEO Nutmeg Uk Ltd on For information on nutmeg@CRBCunninghams please go to 

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